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+cannabis sales STrategy 
+Cannabis Team dynamics
=Cannabis Revenue growth 

Designing and building the most effective sales organizations in the cannabis industry

Clients Include


"Client Testimonials"

"Over the past two years that we've been working to bring Fernway to market, I don't think I've met anyone who equals the level of insight into market dynamics, dispensary relations, and consumer psychology that Taylor has."

Kit Gallant

CEO and cofounder



meet taylor Stafford

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Taylor's Experience Working With Companies Like Yours:

  • Investor & Previous Head of Sales for Select Oil California, responsible for generating and managing $150m+ in revenue from 2017-2020.

  • Helped develop the sales playbook that Select uses to this day across 15+ states. Now builds and creates highly effective sales playbooks for cannabis companies.

  • Has navigated sales with over 500+ dispensary partners across multiple states.

  • Coaches Individual Executives from top tier cannabis companies to achieve extraordinary results.

  • Develops integral sales and business development strategies for top cannabis companies.

  • Creates instrumental design and sales strategies behind product launches for top tier companies.


OUR SERVICES - Schedule a free Strategy session 

Schedule a time with us for a no strings strategy session, we'd love to collaborate on what you'd like to accomplish in 2022 and beyond.

No matter what size business you are, sales is your engine, it is the driving force of your business. Cannabis sales is as much an art as it is a science. From designing the most effective team structure, compensation plans, forecasting and goals, and training programs, to intimately understanding the inner workings of a dispensary and how to maximize sell-in and sell-through, cannabis sales is no easy task.


No matter what market you are in, your sales team is the face of your company and how your company will be perceived and received by both retailers and consumers.


Are you investing the amount of time, resources, and energy into designing the best sales program your company could possibly have? Are you building a sales led company culture where everyone in the company, no matter what role they play, asks themselves every single day "how can I contribute to making sales today?". 

We specialize in working with you to create the most elite and most effective sales team in the cannabis industry. We believe that you must be sales driven as a cannabis brand in order to survive and thrive. There are now more brands than one can count vying for the same shelf space and consumer dollars - how are you designing your sales organization to succeed in such a competitive market? We got you. 

Reach out directly, or schedule a no strings consult with Taylor to discuss how you can take your sales organization to the next level. Taylor has led the country in legal cannabis sales for back to back years and now works with companies like yours to help you do the same. We look forward to talking with you. 


Taylor has spent the last 4 years leading and coaching top cannabis teams to achieve record sales numbers while also coaching cannabis executives to perform at their highest abilities. Founded in his belief that people are the most valuable aspect of any company, Taylor marries the development of people and culture with the revenue growth companies are looking for. He specializes in designing and implementing the most effective sales playbook for your business, resulting in rapid revenue growth and an incredible company culture.

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