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client feedback

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“Results! In 6 months I went from being a new manager to helping implement new management protocols across the company and developing a department from the ground up. We have increased our department's output by 150%. Taylor has a knack for integrating your “work self” and “personal self” into YOU! A you that holistically moves through whatever is thrown at you with a true sense of ground and knowing. This growth is the kind that lasts! Thank you Taylor.”


- Chelsea Shafron, Head of Customer Success, Distru


"Taylor has helped us design a highly elite sales team, sharpen our strategic and data driven sales approach, and has been instrumental in the branding and launch strategy for our new Strains product line. There is much more he helped us with and I cannot recommend Taylor highly enough. He is a unicorn in the cannabis industry and one of the most gifted sales specialists I have come across.


Taylor brings professionalism, empathy, drive, candor, and enthusiasm to everything he does. His years of first hand experience in cannabis sales, combined with his extensive coaching qualifications are a unique, highly valuable combination. 


If you are looking to take your cannabis business to the next level, Taylor is your man. He will help you drive results, and you will feel supported every step of the way!"

- Lucie Herold, Co-Founder and VP, Plus 

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"Over the past two years that we've been working to bring Fernway to market, I don't think I've met anyone who equals the level of insight into market dynamics, dispensary relations, and consumer psychology that you demonstrated during our discussion."

- Kit Gallant, CEO and Co-Founder, Fernway

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